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Cape Ann Shotokan Club

Welcome to the Cape Ann Shotokan Club. Currently training at the Shodokan Dojo in Beverly MA (, the club was started in early 2015 to fill a regional gap on the North Shore for solid Shotokan Karate.  Classes are mostly run by Matthew Natti, who started his karate training in 1994, under Sensei Peter Young.  Matthew also trained extensively in the dojo of Sensei David Johnston (former technical director of the AJKA and founder of Shoshin Karate-do of America in San Juan Capistrano). The Cape Ann Shotokan Club is currently affiliated with the ISKF (International Shotokan Karate Federation) and all members work hard to uphold the ISKF teachings and traditions.

Shotokan "Karate- do," which translates loosely to "the way of the empty hand," focuses on self-improvement, rather than competition..... both in and out of the dojo. The CASC practice basics (kihon) and forms (kata) with the feeling of "shoshin," or "beginners mind." Shotokan karate training should not start/ stop at the dojo door but extend into all aspects of ones life.  

Interested in joining the club, or just trying a few classes?  The first class is always free.  The Cape Ann Shotokan Club offers open enrollment, so we are always accepting new members.  Grab a friend (having a buddy helps to get through the first few months) or just come down and meet the current members!  We pride ourselves on offering a friendly, embracing and supportive environment.

The Dojo Kun
These are the 5 "rules" of dojo ettiquette & self improvement, as established by Gichin Funakoshi- the founder of Shotokan Karate.
Gichin Funakoshi's 5 "rules" for dojo etiquette/ self improvement
- Calligraphy by Master Masatoshi Nakayama -
Seek Perfection of Character
Be Faithful
Respect Others
Refrain From Violent Behavior


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